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Test Equipments

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Test Equipments
Micro-Section M/C Machine to make Micro-section of PCB & MCPCB
Micro-Section Analysis Machine to analysis micro-section of PCB & MCPCB,
V-Cut Depth Tester Test the Depth of V-cut of circuit board
Hole Dia Test To test the hole size by insert various diameter pin
Flying Probe Tester Test open & short of circuit board for prototype & small-medium volume
Universal E-Tester Open & short E-Tester for medium and big volume circuit boards
Peeling Strength Tester The measuring instrument for peeling strength of soldermask
3D Measurement M/C The instrument for precise measurement of product dimension
Auto Optic Inspection Inspect inner layer, defect detection in E.D.S, SMT process
Impedance Tester Test the impedance value of circuit board
Copper Thickness Tester Measure copper thickness on base, wall, via
Re-flow Machine The instrument for testing solderability of circuit board
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