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01.Tg 130 VS Tg 170

Q: As a newcomer in PCB industry, I am really confused in the wordhigh Tg 170. The price of Tg 170 is higher than Tg 130, so I would incline to go with Tg 130 if I would like to take an order of printed circuit board. But I am not sure of my option. From a professional vendor perspective, which one is better?

UNA: Please check High Tg PCB to know more about the definition of Tg if you still confused with it. General speaking, the higher the Tg, the more stable the material is during the PCB & PCBA/SMT manufacturing process, because the board will not affected so much by high temperature.

02.What’s surface finishing on PCB?

Usually we manufacturing PCB as copper circuit,but copper oxidized easily,so we will do Soldermask upon copper circuit layer,but when we need welded components on PCB,we will have to make pads,how to protect the pads from oxidation and don’t destroy the solderability?We can do surface finishing on PCB.

03.Why does we do surface finishing for PCB?

If you have saw the questionWhat’s surface finishing on PCB?” above,this question will be easy to understand:first,we need to protect copper circuit layer from oxidation and mechanical damage,second,we need to keep the copper solderability and electrical property.

04.What is dielectric layer in metal core PCB (MCPCB)

Metal core is enough to heat transfer?No,not enough.You have to know there is insulated conductor between copper layers and Metal core,we call it dielectric layer,but how it work for heat dissipation?

Dielectric layer is the most important part of MCPCB, it is isolation and it helps to conduct the heat. Thermal conductivity can be 1-3W/m.K. Por ejemplo, a single layer metal core PCB stack up, base is metal core, top is the copper, dielectric layer is in the middle. MCPCB is used instead of traditional FR4 or CEM3 PCB because of the ability to efficiently dissipate heat away from the components. This is achieved by using a Thermally Conductive dielectric Layer.

05.What‘s and How to test the breakdown voltage?

Por ejemplo,we tested our raw material: 2W / m.K,100x100mm raw material with 10mm each side without copper, when leakage current is 5mA, the Voltage(AC) is 3.0 KV,so the breakdown voltage will be 3.0 KV,meanwhile which mean we test the breakdown voltage as 5 mA leakage current,and the breakdown voltage will be higher than 3.0 KV if using 6 mA as the biggest leakage current,and lower if using 4 mA.

06.Why ENIG PCB need to plate Nickel?

Do you know what ENIG means for PCB?

1.plating nickel is to protect base copper as the base copper is very easy oxidation

2.The weldability of nickel is better than gold,and more stable

3.If to plate gold on the copper,the coper ions will migrate to the gold surfaceCause the mottled oxidationAffect both the function and appearance

07.Why MCPCB?

Metal core PCB (MCPCB) is more expensive than FR4 PCB,but why we have to choose MCPCB?Somebody call Metal core pcb (MCPCB) as LED PCB,it looks right,because we always assembly LED by MCPCB if which are High power LED in order to use the thermal properties of Metal core PCB (MCPCB).Metal core PCB use metal (aluminio,copper ) as base Material so that there is good thermal properties,but FR4 is not metal so it is not very good for thermal.

08.What kind of PCB file format can you accept for production?



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