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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) become more and more popular with the development of integrated circuits, which is a very important part of electronic equipment, such as your phone, computer and your car. Printed Circuit Board have been used on Earth for a long time, if you don’t know what PCB is before , please visit printed circuit board on Wikipedia for some basic knowledge. Now we would like to let you know our manufacturing process.

PCB Manufacturing Process

PCB manufacturing process is different for different PCB factories, different layers of PCB, but some steps are same and all of them will have to do. Single layer PCB and Double layers PCB are all use the raw material so that they don’t need to do Lamination process, they are easy to do. So here we will show 4 layers PCB manufacturing process as multilayer PCB.

  • BFR19321-1

  • BFR19288-1

  • BFR19092-1

  • BFM17193-1

  • BPM19095-1

  • BPM19151-1

  • BPM19155-1

  • BCD17011-1

  • BCD17021-1

  • BFD17003-1

  • BFD19225-1

  • BAS18012-1

  • BAS18017-1